Rantei$ Tournament

Welcome to the Rantei$ Tournament
Countdown: 6 days 20 hours 31 mins 38 secs
1. The captains will veto for the map.
2. The captains are required in the discord server.
3. 2 timeouts are allowed per team, each timeout is 60 seconds.
4. The servers are located in France.
5. The maplist is: Mirage, Cache, Inferno, Overpass, Dust 2, Cobblestone, Train, Italy, Assult, Office and Dust 2 old.
6. First round is a knife round. The winner of the kniferound gets to choose side in the first half.
1. Only 1 AWP per team.
2. Only 1 Scout per team.
3. Trashtalk is allowed, but not encouraged.
4. No player changes are allowed after the tournament has started.
5. Backup players can only join if one of the main players can't play.
6. Do NOT use any sort of Lag Exploit, if anyone on the team does it, it will result in a disqualification.
7. The captain has to answer his discord within 5 minutes to make sure your team is ready.
Champion role in our Discord Server
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